Burnout to Balance with David Barnes

Feeling Stressed? Ready to do something about it? You won’t want to miss this month’s presentation.


David Barnes, BizEnergize Featured Presenter
David M Barnes

BizEnergize is proud and excited to have David Barnes as our featured presenter for February, 2018!

Ever feel your true intentions may be slightly out of alignment with your actions?  You are not alone!  And… David can help!

Come to this month’s presentation and David will discuss: 
1. Burnout and how the Alignment Process put him on a path to balance in all the areas of life.
2. How energetic patterns passed down generation to generation can be changed through watching Alignment Process movies.
3. A specific Alignment Process movie will be discussed for you to try on your own timing to see how it works for you.

David will be discussing the Alignment Process and how you can make a profound shift in the patterns that are causing stress and burnout in your life by watching popular movies.

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David Barnes is a co-founder at Peace Of Mind Overtures and co-author of Taming Your Dragons: Making Peace with Your Emotions and It’s Just Commerce: Returning Balance to Business.  He is the co-host of Peace Overtures Radio Podcast available on Spreaker and  iTunes.

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David utilizes The Alignment Process, an elegant way to assist in finding more balance in your personal and business life. He uses popular movies to assist individuals in discovering their full potential. It’s an innovative and empowering way to make a dynamic shift in your personal and business life.

He works with individuals, executives, teams, and businesses that desire to make a change and realize a new sustainable set point. David has consulted with hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. His diverse client base includes the Federal Government’s Office of Planning and Management, The Center for Leadership Development, The U.S. Air Force, NOAA, and Starbucks.

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Stacy Notley, CEO The Manning Group

Your NEW YEAR, 2018 Credit Tune-Up Tips!

Stacy Notley, CEO of The Manning Group, Inc. and host of Comedy Credit Clinic!
Stacy Notley, BizEnergize Far North Dallas Business NetworkingDon’t Miss January’s BizEnergize Events!

If you’ve never heard Stacy Notley speak or attended a Comedy Credit Clinic, you’re in for a treat!

As essential as Credit is in the financial and business world, most people have no idea what’s on their own credit report or why it’s there, much less how to improve their score and smart use of credit.  Stacy can help! 

[RSVP HERE for 2nd TUES PM Business Mixer Jan 9th] featuring an interview with Stacy Notley.

[RSVP HERE for POWER LUNCH Jan 18th] featuring an in-depth presentation by Stacy Notley.

More About Stacy Notley:

STACY C. NOTLEY, President / CEO of THE MANNING GROUP, INC., has over 20 years of experience in Credit & Debt Management, with an outstanding record of accomplishments – helping individuals and families, establish, re-establish and maintain personal credit.

He is a sought-after consultant for CEO’s and senior management, and well-known pro-athletes, for credit coaching sessions…
As an Undergrad at AUSTIN COLLEGE, Mr. Notley was active in student government and varsity athletics. He is a Graduate of SMU’s Edwin L. Cox School of Business, focusing on Strategic Planning and Organizational Behavior. Stacy has also been recognized in Texas Monthly twice, as a 5-STAR BEST in “Client Satisfaction”.
Mr. Notley is versed in credit needs for startup ventures and established corporations alike… Author of Credit Solutions® and the soon to be released Plastic Surgery & 99 Other Ways to Handle Credit Cards®, a humorous look at credit card problems and ways to resolve those problems. Mr. Notley is known to thousands as “The Credit Guy®” from his radio shows Your Money on Target and Money Matters.  In addition, he has appeared on ABC, CBS and NBC television, been heard nationally on “American Scene”, quoted in numerous publications, and is the creator of the popular, “Comedy Credit ClinicTM”, and the workshop, SEX, STRESS & MONEY – For Women Only! (different ways men and women view and handle finances).
THE MANNING GROUP, INC. was founded in 1983 and specializes in Credit & Debt Management for individuals and corporations alike…Please visit our website @ www.manning-group.com.

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December Holiday Social

Attend BizeEnergize December Holiday Social – Tu December 12th!






Come join us for some fun activities and good holiday cheer as we

   Celebrate the holidays,

     Collaborate in business ideas and new ventures, and

       Connect with our business partners, peers, colleagues and old/new friends.

We will highlight our featured former guest presenters and have door prizes throughout the evening.

Our “A” list of former presenters are listed below.


Come dressed in your UgLfestive SWEATSHIRT, VEST or SHIRT.  We will have more embellishing opportunities for you to WIN the UgLiest of them all award/prize.


Tacky Photo Booth will be on hand for you to grab a prop and get a photo of your inner beauty/ugly!


All ugly aside…..


BizEnergize hosts after-work business mixers on the second Tuesday of every month with the purpose of bringing our members and friends together, to Collaborate, Connect, and offer Content that is a way to serve and support each other professionally. We facilitate a live interview with our featured presenter for the month. We believe dynamic people sharpen our skills. Our featured presenters bring immense value and tools that you can use in your business.

BizEnergize features a presenter with a message which adds value for Dallas area small business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs. We host a lunch where the guest speaker offers relative content in our busy lives in business.

Former guest “A” LIST OF BizEnergize Presenters:

• Claire Billingsley  • R. Shawn McBride • Stu Schlackman  • Jordan Dunnington  • Aran Kumar  • Sharon Easley  • Jeff Kort • Sean Schoenmakers  • Jon Kendall • Tom Dennis • Pastor Eugen Keahey • Dave Shiring  • Jeryn Laengrich  • Nick Marino

Fun Times, Valuable Networking and Powerful Take-aways!  A Don’t-Miss Event!

Energize Your Business at 2nd Tuesday Business Mixer and 3rd Thursday luncheon!


How To Connect Video to Your World!

Jordan Dunnington - BizEnergize Dallas Featured PresenterWe’re excited to have Jordan Dunnington, social media and video marketing expert, as our BizEnergize Featured Presenter.  This month’s focus is on marketing.  Everyone in business, especially at the ownership level, must have marketing skills.  Jordan can help!

Jordan’s Topic: How To Connect Video to Your World!

Discussion points Jordan will discuss on Video Marketing:

  1. Low Barriers to Entry
  2. Google is the ONLY I.P.
  3. Remember “Raw-to-Reel”
RSVP HERE: 2nd Tues.  PM Bix Mixer with Jordan, 11/14

then, only TWO DAYS LATER, join us for Power Lunch…

RSVP HERE: Power Lunch w Jordan Dunnington, 11/16

About Jordan Dunnington:

Growing up with the internet and a cell phone in hand, it was only natural that Jordan Dunnington would make a career out of social media.

Majoring in marketing and management with a concentration on public relations at Baylor University, Jordan provided a variety of marketing, social media strategy, journalism and video production services to several area firms, later joining Southlake-based Raincloud Media as its Social Media Account Monitor/Community Manager.

In that position, he collaborated in the execution of social campaigns for clients ranging from recording artists to multinational brands and helped to develop high-performing content that increased Facebook total reach by 66%.

Jordan is currently Social Media Manager for i5 Web Works in Southlake, a full-service internet marketing agency. He is responsible for managing client relations for the firm’s local and national business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients in more than a dozen industries.

i5 Web Works provides a comprehensive range of online services, including website maintenance and updates, search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, social media management, email marketing and video production, editing and marketing.

A member of the Dallas chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, Jordan was the recipient of Baylor’s Department of Journalism “Best Work Ethic” Award.

RSVP HERE: 2nd Tues.  PM Bix Mixer with Jordan, 11/14

then, only TWO DAYS LATER, join us for Power Lunch…

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Stu Schlackman


October’s BizEnergize Featured Presenter…

STU SCHLACKMAN, Sales Coach, Speaker, Author 

Stu Schlackman
Stu Schlackman, Sales Coach, Speaker, Author

We’re excited to have Stu Schlackman, Sales Coach as our BizEnergize Featured Presenter.  This month’s focus is on building sales skills.  Everyone in business, especially at the ownership level, has to have some sales skills.  Stu can help!


Meet Stu at October, 2017 BizEnergize Events:

RSVP HERE: 2nd Tues.  PM Bix Mixer with Stu, 10/10
RSVP HERE: Power Lunch w Stu Schlackman, 10/19


About Stu Schlackman:

Stu Schlackman is the Relationship Selling Expert.  After more than 33 years in corporate sales, Stu formed his sales training firm to focus on helping his clients achieve superior sales results. Leveraging his competitive nature, he focuses on training and coaching sales and service teams to reach peak performance.

Before starting his own company, Schlackman was instrumental in increasing revenue and growing the client base of large corporations such as Capgemini, EDS, and the former Digital Equipment Corporation. His focus on relationship building led his sales teams to exceed sales projections by more than 30% percent annually.

Today, Schlackman uses his “Four People You Should Know” Personality Perspectives Process to help companies build high performance teams and increase sales by connecting with the four different personality styles. Knowing your client’s personality style will help you understand how they make decisions, prefer to communicate, what they value and what motivates them to buy.

Schlackman imparts wisdom, technique, and practical advice for corporate executives, sales professionals, corporate trainers, and others who have the desire to compete and win in business and life. He has authored Don’t Just Stand There, Sell Something; Four People You Should Know and the 180 Rule for The Art of Connecting.

Each month, Stu writes an article covering one aspect of sales. He shares his real and actionable experience combined with his uncanny ability to get right to the point of what can make the difference in your sales.

Schlackman holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Business Administration from Kennedy Western University. He is adjunct professor teaching Introduction to Professional Sales at University of Texas, Dallas.

Stu has served on the Board of Directors for the Richardson Chamber of Commerce and Prevent Blindness Dallas. He has served as president of the National Speakers Association – North Texas Chapter in 2011/2012 and 2016/2107 and has chaired the Sales Professional Experts group along with serving on the Chapter Leadership Committee for National. Stu is a past president of the Leadership Richardson Alumni Association.

He received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) award from the National Speakers Association, their highest performance based designation.

Meet Stu in person to leverage his expertise for your business:

RSVP HERE: 2nd Tues.  PM Bix Mixer with Stu, 10/10
RSVP HERE: Power Lunch w Stu Schlackman, 10/19

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Sharon M. Easley, Mediation Attorney

September’s BizEnergize Featured Presenter…

Sharon M. Easley, Mediation Attorney

Sharon M. Easley BizEnergize Featured Presenter
Sharon M. Easley, Esq.

We’re excited to have Sharon M. Easley as our BizEnergize Featured Presenter.  This month’s focus is on communication.  Her topic is:

We Can Work It Out: Secrets of a Mediator

Lean about the ways of bringing about a meeting of minds.  Find common consideration and agreement when it matters to progress.  Sharon will share the secrets of a mediator.  In business, communication creates success, and our skills make the difference.

[RSVP HERE for BizEnergize 2nd Tues. PM Biz Mixer]

[RSVP HERE for Power Lunch with Sharon Easley]

About Sharon:

In her 30 years as a family law attorney, Sharon Easley has seen it all – from the confrontational courtroom dramas to the middle-of-the-night screaming fits. She’s seen couples spend thousands of dollars in fighting over possessions that neither one really wanted, but said they did just to make the split as difficult and expensive as possible.

And she’s seen the lives of individuals and their children completely devastated with the damage so extreme there is virtually no possibility of ever putting the pieces back together.

Eventually, Sharon realized that a courtroom is no place to make decisions that critically impact the future of individuals and their children. That’s why in 2012, Sharon opened Divorce Mediation Centers of America in Plano, a unique practice that provides an efficient and cost-effective process for reaching agreements and resolving disputes.

Sharon began her legal career in 1988 as a commercial and employment lawyer with the Dallas law firm of Moore & Peterson and opened her own family law practice in 1992. In 1997, Sharon co-founded Easley & Marquis, which provided family law, estate planning and probate services. I

In 2012, Sharon opened her own Plano-based family law practice, the Law Office of Sharon Easley, which she still maintains.

Sharon has served as a director of the Turning Point Rape Crisis Center; director of the Plano Chamber of Commerce Women’s Division; president of the Collin County Bar Association and co-founder and president of the Collin County Bench Bar Foundation.

Sharon was accredited as a mediator by the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington in Seattle and earned her J.D. from the University of Oklahoma School of Law in Norman.

[RSVP HERE for BizEnergize 2nd Tues. PM Biz Mixer]

[RSVP HERE for Power Lunch with Sharon Easley]

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Jason Croft, CroftMedia!

Jason Croft, Video Marketing Strategist!

BizEnergize Featured Presenter Jason Croft
Jason Croft

This month’s BizEnergize featured presenter, Jason Croft, will help you with video!

We all have a media production device if we have a smart phone, but do you use yours for true media production?

We’re honored and excited to have our group’s first ever speaker, Jason Croft back as our Featured Presenter in August!

Making Video Work for You and Your Business!

Surveys of entrepreneurs and business owners show over 80% of small business owners want to use video in their business.  Yet, less than 20% actually feel they use video effectively. Jason Croft helps close the gap.  If you want video in your marketing, attend Power Lunch.

RSVP HERE for Power Lunch Featuring Jason Croft

From traveling around the world shooting video for high-end corporate clients to producing movies, Jason’s career has been a consistent blend of business and creativity.  Even now, as he helps businesses develop top notch systems for becoming more efficient with his company, CROFTMEDIA, he often creates new marketing initiatives and even sales verticals they never knew they were capable of.  This takes him into a more creative role in marketing strategy beyond shooting video.

Jason is host of Startup Dallas, a TV show and podcast featuring video stories of entrepreneurship in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Jason’s Power Lunch presentation will be about how to make video work for your business.  If you have ideas for video to promote your product or brand, Jason’s insight and experience will assist you for better results.  From do-it-yourself to high-end production, Jason’s expertise brings value for anyone wanting to learn more about video, marketing, and marketing with video.

RSVP HERE for BizEnergize Power Lunch Featuring Jason Croft

Contact Jason:

Jason at CroftMedia at his site: http://thejasoncroft.com/

Jason’s Podcast:  The Jason Croft Show

Startup Dallas on Facebook

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Top 10 Tips for Financial Wellness with Jeff Kort

Jeff Kort, Investment Advisor
Picture: Jeff Kort

MONEY: Momentarily Owned, Not Eternally Yours!

Do you have a personal financial plan for yourself and your family? How often do you review it, and have you ever had a hard time keeping up with your goals?

Financial planning is a process that requires you to identify your financial position bearing in mind your short term to long term goals, which if done holistically, leads to financial wellness. You don’t have to know it all, but, you should have a trusted advisor to help you with what you do not know.

Jeff has answers to many of today’s issues:

  • How to have productive discussions with your family about your finances?
  • When to have credit in your name and how much to have?
  • Why you should know & manage your credit score?
  • What to do with a budget?
  • Who will help you if you can’t help yourself?
  • Where can you go to get additional insights?

About Jeff:

Jeff Kort is a financial advisor with Munn & Morris Financial Advisors (MMFA). Jeff’s firm is aligned with a commitment first to their clients’ best interests, with constant personal attention and a comprehensive, solution-focused approach. By continuing to develop relationships, he gains both a comprehensive and a confidential understanding of your needs and goals, and customizes financial solution options to achieve the objectives.

Jeff was born in Kansas City, and an adopted native of Dallas for the past 20 years. He graduated from Indiana University with an Accounting degree and earned his CPA while at Coopers&Lybrand. While at Sprint, Jeff also earned an MBA and completed the Certified Financial Planner™ certification program at SMU.

Jeff is actively involved with Temple Shalom, Leadership Richardson, Boy Scout Troop 444, his Children’s schools, and the Wounded Warrior and Snowball Express projects. He relishes time with his wife, children, extended family and friends as well. He also enjoys Dallas area dining, loves to travel, is an avid sports fan, and smiles at opportunities to serve others.


Our BizEnergize Power Lunch is on July 20, 2017. Our speaker is Jeff Kort, and his topic is Top 10 Tips for Financial Wellness.


WHEN: Thursday, July 20, 2017, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
WHERE: Crossroads Diner,
17194 Preston Road, Suite 101
Dallas, TX 75248

Before our speaker begins, each attendee will have the opportunity to share a 15-second message about themselves and their business. Be prepared to share your value message with us and other attendees as you build your contacts in our cooperative community. This will help us all get to know each other better.

BizEnergize organizes this Power Lunch for our members to get up-close and understand the value that our featured presenter offers. You will have a delicious learning experience with your BizEnergize friends.

Your only cost is for a delicious lunch! Learn, network & leave with useful takeaways!

You may attend free (pay only for your lunch), but please register here to RSVP, as space is limited. We hope to see you at the BizEnergize Power Lunch, and we appreciate any questions or feedback in the meantime!

Don’t miss this informative Power Lunch!

Sean Schoenmakers, ActionCOACH

BizEnergize Featured Presenter, Sean Shoenmakers - Business Coach
Sean Shoenmakers, ActionCOACH Business Coach

Ever feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day?

This month’s BizEnergize featured presenter will help you!

We’re honored and excited to have Sean Schoenmakers, ActionCOACH as our BizEnergize Featured Presenter for the month of June, 2017!

MONEY… isn’t it about TIME?!

We’ve all made the excuses about time and not having enough of it.  Ever hear the acronym “T.I.M.E. – Time Is My Excuse!”  In business, time is our most precious commodity, a vessel for our skills, and how we use it determines our success.  Not sometimes, 100% of the time!

See Sean in June! P.M. Business Mixer Power Lunch
When? Tues June 13th Thursday, June 22nd
Where? Manny’s Tex Mex
7601 Campbell Road, Suite 725
Dallas, TX 75248Far North Dallas, Texas

Crossroads Diner, Preston at Campbell

Far North Dallas, Texas

What Time? 5:30 –  7:30 PM 11:30 – 1:00 PM

What you’ll learn at “Money…isn’t it about TIME?!”

•Learn how to better use time to your advantage

•Budget your time and achieve focus with a Default Calendar or Default Diary

•Learn “10 Time Management Techniques Worth Using”

•Learn simple and productive ways to better run your schedule in contrast to letting your schedule run you

•Learn how to effectively plan and schedule activities around cash flow generating and profit-making activities

Come network and join other successful business owners as we share strategies that have helped ActionCOACH clients around the world be happier, more successful, and feel more free.

Sean Schoenmakers – Short Biography

Sean is originally from San Antonio and a graduate of MIT.  He worked at Raytheon Company in design, manufacturing, supply chain, and project management, and graduated from a 2‐year Leadership Development Program.  Sean is a three‐time small business owner, a certified business coach, and is part of an ActionCOACH network of 1400 coaches in 73 countries around the world.  He has traveled to 23 different countries and plays most sports including ice hockey—his favorite.

Contact Sean and Learn More about ActionCOACH Business Coaching

Sean Shoenmakers on Facebook

Sean Shoenmakers on YouTube

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Jon Kendall, Osky Blue!

Continuing our spring focus on Marketing, we’re excited to have Jon Kendall, CEO of Osky Blue!

How’s Your Web Marketing ?  Need a Boost? …a Clue?
BizEnergize Featured Presenter Jon Kendall, Osky Blue
Jon Kendall, CEO of Osky Blue

This month’s BizEnergize featured presenter can help! He’s an SEO, web and digital marketing expert. He has helped products, companies and brands get found, noticed and drive sales online.  His company, Osky Blue is a thought leader in web marketing.

We’re honored and excited to have Jon Kendall of Experipro as our BizEnergize Featured Presenter in May! 

Jon Kendall, CEO, is a longtime marketing and business development professional with a passion for helping business owners large and small grow their bottom lines and make smarter, forward-focused decisions about how to take their companies to the next level. He co-founded Osky Blue in 2010
He has taught more than 300 seminars, classes and training sessions throughout DFW and the nation on business development and effective online marketing through web design, social media, advertising and SEO. He serves on the Planning & Zoning committee for the city of Frisco. He is also an instructor at Collin College where he teaches online marketing and businesses development classes.
Jon was named Finalist for “2016 Frisco Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. He is also an active Rotarian in his Rotary Club. In his free time, he loves golfing, watching college football and spending time with his wife, three kids and dog, Bernie.

Topics of Focus

  • What should I do to market by brand on social media?
  • Why should I use Twitter and how?
  • How much of my advertising budget should be on Facebook and social media?
  • What ads work best online?

Contact Jon Kendall at Osky Blue – (866) 675-9411, Visit oskyblue.com 

Check out the Portfolio of work by Jon’s company, Osky Blue

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