Jason Croft, CroftMedia!

Jason Croft, Video Marketing Strategist!

BizEnergize Featured Presenter Jason Croft
Jason Croft

This month’s BizEnergize featured presenter, Jason Croft, will help you with video!

We all have a media production device if we have a smart phone, but do you use yours for true media production?

We’re honored and excited to have our group’s first ever speaker, Jason Croft back as our Featured Presenter in August!

Making Video Work for You and Your Business!

Surveys of entrepreneurs and business owners show over 80% of small business owners want to use video in their business.  Yet, less than 20% actually feel they use video effectively. Jason Croft helps close the gap.  If you want video in your marketing, attend Power Lunch.

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From traveling around the world shooting video for high-end corporate clients to producing movies, Jason’s career has been a consistent blend of business and creativity.  Even now, as he helps businesses develop top notch systems for becoming more efficient with his company, CROFTMEDIA, he often creates new marketing initiatives and even sales verticals they never knew they were capable of.  This takes him into a more creative role in marketing strategy beyond shooting video.

Jason is host of Startup Dallas, a TV show and podcast featuring video stories of entrepreneurship in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Jason’s Power Lunch presentation will be about how to make video work for your business.  If you have ideas for video to promote your product or brand, Jason’s insight and experience will assist you for better results.  From do-it-yourself to high-end production, Jason’s expertise brings value for anyone wanting to learn more about video, marketing, and marketing with video.

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Contact Jason:

Jason at CroftMedia at his site: http://thejasoncroft.com/

Jason’s Podcast:  The Jason Croft Show

Startup Dallas on Facebook

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