Sharon M. Easley, Mediation Attorney

September’s BizEnergize Featured Presenter…

Sharon M. Easley, Mediation Attorney

Sharon M. Easley BizEnergize Featured Presenter
Sharon M. Easley, Esq.

We’re excited to have Sharon M. Easley as our BizEnergize Featured Presenter.  This month’s focus is on communication.  Her topic is:

We Can Work It Out: Secrets of a Mediator

Lean about the ways of bringing about a meeting of minds.  Find common consideration and agreement when it matters to progress.  Sharon will share the secrets of a mediator.  In business, communication creates success, and our skills make the difference.

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About Sharon:

In her 30 years as a family law attorney, Sharon Easley has seen it all – from the confrontational courtroom dramas to the middle-of-the-night screaming fits. She’s seen couples spend thousands of dollars in fighting over possessions that neither one really wanted, but said they did just to make the split as difficult and expensive as possible.

And she’s seen the lives of individuals and their children completely devastated with the damage so extreme there is virtually no possibility of ever putting the pieces back together.

Eventually, Sharon realized that a courtroom is no place to make decisions that critically impact the future of individuals and their children. That’s why in 2012, Sharon opened Divorce Mediation Centers of America in Plano, a unique practice that provides an efficient and cost-effective process for reaching agreements and resolving disputes.

Sharon began her legal career in 1988 as a commercial and employment lawyer with the Dallas law firm of Moore & Peterson and opened her own family law practice in 1992. In 1997, Sharon co-founded Easley & Marquis, which provided family law, estate planning and probate services. I

In 2012, Sharon opened her own Plano-based family law practice, the Law Office of Sharon Easley, which she still maintains.

Sharon has served as a director of the Turning Point Rape Crisis Center; director of the Plano Chamber of Commerce Women’s Division; president of the Collin County Bar Association and co-founder and president of the Collin County Bench Bar Foundation.

Sharon was accredited as a mediator by the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington in Seattle and earned her J.D. from the University of Oklahoma School of Law in Norman.

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