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3rd Thursday Power Lunch

3rd Thursday Power Lunch, an informative presentation over lunch from 11:30 – 1, typically on the third Thursday unless otherwise planned.  Have lunch and enjoy an information-packed session with our featured presenter.  Come a bit early and linger afterward; we’ll have a private room.  A diverse mix of business professionals gather to learn about our monthly BizEnergize Featured Presenter.  For further details, contact the Power Team.

3rd Thursday Power Lunch with our Featured Presenter
Lucinda Ruch, Power Lunch Featured Presenter
Lucinda Ruch, BizEnergize Power Lunch

The BizEnergize Power team gathers presenters with a message and particular value. This is the place to learn about the value they offer, and how to leverage it.

Powerful people, especially those working on big projects, affect us in many ways.  Exposure and listening are the first steps.  Join us for  business networking, lunch, learning and fun.

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When allowed to get to know each other on our own terms, we naturally listen to each other and learn more.  Given more quality time, we find ways to help each other.  Attend a local BizEnergize event:

2nd Tuesday Business Mixer: La Hacienda Ranch, 17390 Preston Rd #100, Dallas, 75248

3rd Thursday Power Lunch: Crossroads Diner, 17194 Preston Rd #101, Dallas, 75248

To our delight, this format attracts growth-oriented professionals.  As a result, dynamic business people are getting involved.  The relationships we form are based on specific business values.


Video Sample from a recent Power Lunch:

Our Core Values are defined to help us all grow business in a better way, laying the foundation for our group…

As we build our network, we are looking for three core values:

  1. Service Oriented  &  Trustworthy.  We count on each other.
  2. Continuously learning.  Our business can only grow to the extent we grow.
  3. Committed to, and  supportive of each other.  Relationships are based on trust.  Alliances are key because success is never a solo act.

If this resonates with you, please join us!  We are looking for local business stories to feature, businesses to promote and connections with active business professionals.  We hope to meet you soon!

NOTE: R.S.V.P. pages to events are on eventbrite.com with a new page for each event (search “BizEnergize”).  There is no link here for each new event, as we do not employ a webmaster, but there is an eventbrite widget calendar on the left sidebar with a link.  Search for BizEnergize on eventbrite, join us on social media to stay updated or contact any member of our Power Team with questions about coming events.  Thanks!

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