BizEnergize Core Values

Beyond merely networking, BizEnergize Core Values give us Meaning & Purpose!

BizEnergize Core Values?  Why all the trouble to articulate?

Our Purpose: Plan and promote high-value events where professionals meet and connect.

Value in networking, or how much value we get, is a matter of who we meet.  It’s about building relationships. Not just any, or many, but quality relationships matter most.  So, quantity of people does not matter as much as who.  Inevitably, when we ask ourselves who we want to connect with, we consider what we have in common with those we most care about, which is our values and beliefs.

With specific intent, we choose who to connect with.  We use a strategy based on specific “core” and “guiding” values which we personally hold and treasure:

BizEnergize Core Values

BizEnergize core values

Core, and guiding values help us grow business in a better way, and they lay a foundation for our group…

As we build our network, we are look for core values:

  1. Service Oriented  &  Trustworthy.  We count on each other.
  2. Continuously learning.  Our business can only grow to the extent we grow.
  3. Committed to, and  supportive of each other.  Relationships are based on trust.  Alliances are key because success is never a solo act.

Focusing on core values, we align two revealing and indicative “guiding” values. These are values visibly reflected in action, not merely words.  As such, these indicate the type people we intend to connect with.  Two guiding values which unlock relationships:

  1. Courage – Courage guides worthwhile action. This is because action despite fear enables all other values. We all love seeing and supporting each other in facing fears.
  2. Curiosity – Curiosity guides learning.  As we become interested in topics, story and content, we express genuine care for each other.

In summary, our purpose is served by aligning two guiding values with three essential, core values. This gives us a way to select people with an ideal mix of characteristics to support each other.  This is our selection filter and strategy to provide high-value content, powerful presenters and memorable events.  Alignment of people with core values is our recipe for success; our method of business mixology!

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