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BizEnergize VideosBizEnergize videos,  made by members at BizEnergize events. First, we hope these videos inform, inspire and entertain our members.  Then, hopefully, parts of this content will be considered valuable business tools.  As we host events, this collection will be updated with event videos.

BizEnergize Videos:

Fun times and meaningful connections at BizEnergize 2nd Tuesday Business Mixer:

See BizEnergize Featured Presenter Nick Marino Jr., director of social change at TangoTab.  As Nick shares powerful marketing insight, he defines digital natives and digital immigrants for us:

Obviously, Tango Tab is a socially-conscious technology innovator. As often as quarterly, we want a socially conscious message. Of course, this guides our selection of featured presenters.  Thus, as we hoped and expected, Nick was a high-energy speaker with passion and a powerful message!

Most likely, BizEnergize videos will be tools to reference.  When you need a tip or inspiration, visit this BizEnergize video library.

BizEnergize Videos – 2nd Tues Business Mixer:

First, attend our 2nd Tuesday Business Mixer and meet our featured presenter in a fun, happy hour. Then, see the featured presenter up-close at Power Lunch.  As a result of attending both, you solidify ways to leverage the featured presenter’s value.

Here, Brian interviews Jason Croft.  Jason talks about powerful video marketing. However, he fits it with our vision of marketing as a whole.  Studies reveal most small business owners want video marketing.  Yet, most have not been successful at it.  Jason makes excellent points about getting started.  As his focus, he helps business owners make video work.


BizEnergize Video of Brian Dobbs interviewing Lucinda Ruch about being more effective on LinkedIn, the world’s largest online business networking platform. Lucinda is one of the few certified LinkedIn Coaches.  She offers BizEnergize Members free consultation:


Visit this page often.  After events, we will be updating this page with more Video.  Don’t wait for the video, see the live presentation at our events. Then, these will solidify the content and keep the memory.

BizEnergize Business networking is a different format, ditching the traditional 30-second commercials and frantic business card exchange.  Instead, we allow members to form business relationships on their own terms. The BizEnergize Power Team plans events with featured presenters offering content of value.  Given these interesting topics of quality, members use this time to get to know each other and find ways to work together.

BizEnergize Power Lunch with Lucinda Ruch:


Another BizEnergize event is coming up soon! While you’re on the site, sign up to RSVP and join us soon! Of course, we look forward to seeing you!

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