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john-allen-headshotJohn Allen is the owner of an independent insurance agency, Community Insurance Advisors, providing property and casualty advice and solutions for personal and commercial clients.


About Community Insurance Advisors

We are an independent agency made up of very qualified, caring and professional people.  We seek clients who do not have the time or desire to make repeated inquiries to their insurance companies for pricing, service, or claims issues.  Our clients call us, and we handle their questions and issues for them – promptly and efficiently.  

What can you/your clients expect from us?
  • We are our clients’ personal consultants – helping them understand as much as they want to know about what coverage options to consider, and letting them choose based on their preference.
  • We do not believe in badgering people about their insurance.  Our interactions are easy to understand, professional business discussions.  The proposals we present either fit prospective clients or they do not – and if not, we both simply move on.
  • When our clients want to file a claim, we ask that they contact us to make sure everything is in order, then we help them get the claim started.
Hype? – ‘No’   Substance? – ‘Yes’

We believe the difference maker is found in the delivery.  Smart consumers desire substance and are careful to not get caught up in the hype of the sale of cheaper premiums, which often come at the expense of important coverage.  As a smart consumer, you want to work with insurance professionals, knowing you are covered in the event of a claim – after all, this is why you buy insurance.

About John Allen

John is originally from Glen Ellyn, Illinois.  He graduated from the University of Illinois with a Liberal Arts degree, and earned his MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University.  John previously held marketing and sales management positions with Union Pacific and CSX Intermodal, and with outsourced contact management centers for Merkafon and Teleperformance International.

For free insurance advice or a quick quote, call Community Insurance Advisors at 972-758-9300 or click the logo below:

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