Keerthika Nagarajan, DMS Printing CEO

Keerthika NagarajanKeerthika Nagarajan also known as Keer is the President and CEO of DMS Printing & Design a Woman Owned, HUB Certified Business.   She is a budding entrepreneur who created a printing and design company as she was graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in psychology and a background in interior design.

As she started the company with the encouragement of her dad to go into business, she was inspired to start a printing and design company because of her love for art and design. Her passion to start a business is what brought her to where the company is today. The company is currently based in Downtown Plano, Texas.

DMS Printing & Design participates in many events and organizations. One of those events is a monthly Wine Walk with Downtown Plano. A couple of the organizations they participate in are the Historic Downtown Plano Association (HDPA) and the Plano Chamber of Commerce.  DMS Printing and Design prints banners, brochures, postcards, business cards, flyers, menus, invitations, car and window wraps, conversion of tapes to dvds or cds, as well as seasonal prints like calendars, t-shirts, greeting cards, etc…

Keerthika Nagarajan is passionate about service to her community

Since a very young age, Keer has served the community through various organizations.  Some examples include cooking and serving food at the Austin Street Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at Senior Citizen Homes, and Battered Women Shelters.  As an adult, she continues to volunteer and find new ways to be of service in the community. This is something she is very passionate about.  She also loves traveling to various countries and places across the US, spending time with family and friends and finding new trails to hike on.

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