Dallas Business Mixer

2nd Tuesday Dallas Business Mixer at La Hacienda on Preston Rd

Dallas Business Mixer at La Hacienda, Dallas Texas
Dallas Business Mixer - 2nd Tuesday BizEnergizeBusiness mixer for small to medium-sized business owners and service professionals.  The purpose of this event is to connect in a less formal yet serious-about-business format for business networking.  Join us to meet

BizEnergize Dallas Live Interview Guests enjoy a live interview with our featured presenter for the month.  Business coach Brian Dobbs conducts a live 15-20 minute interview with our featured presenter for the month.  Our featured presenter will be the host at our 3rd Thursday Power Lunch.  This lunch presentation will allow you to learn the value our featured presenter offers and how to leverage it in your business.

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Join us at BizEnergize PM Biz Mixer.  We meet for happy hour on the second Tuesday of each month. The event is from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.

BizEnergize Business Networking Core Values

The Power Team at Bizenergize defined the group’s Core Values to help us all grow business in a better way.  Core values lay a foundation for our group…

We are:

  • Service Oriented & Trustworthy
  • Continuously Learning
  • Committed To and Supportive of Each Other

BizEnergize Dallas Business Mixer PicWe look for business leaders and those working on building teams and products. Stories teach us and guide our path.  BizEnergize brings local business stories to you, and helps you connect with local leaders.  At our 2nd Tuesday Business Mixers, we introduce a featured presenter with a live interview.

A follow-up 3rd Thursday Power Lunch allows us to discover our featured presenter’s value and how to leverage it.  We keep our site updated with information about featured presenters and we plan to add more content soon.  We grow as we go.  If this resonates with you, please join us at our events!

BizEnergize Dallas Business Mixer Event


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2nd Tuesday Business Mixer Video:

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