Every Month, BizEnergize Spotlights a Featured Presenter to See at Two (2) Separate Business-Energizing Events…

At our 2nd Tuesday PM Business Mixers, we meet our featured presenter for the month in a quick interview or presentation hosted by our BizEnergize Power Team of event organizers.  The mixer is a sort of  sneak preview, where we all have an opportunity to consider who may enjoy this topic, whom we could invite to Power Lunch, (Power Lunch is almost always 9 days later on 3rd Thurs) or the presenter may be a valuable connection for us.  It introduces us to talent and content while it stimulates how to leverage an upcoming in-depth lunch presentation.  A powerful, fun way to invite a contact to lunch!

Who do you know who may enjoy thought leadership in business?  BizEnergize events offer business-building content delivered by insightful speakers who deliver their message about current, interesting topics.  Every event has at least one take-away of value.   All this, plus networking makes it easy & fun to invite guests.

A brief list of some of our Featured Presenters with links to short bios:

David M Barnes, BizEnergize Featured Presenters
David M Barnes, Author, Co-founder Peace of Mind Overtures

David Barnes, Author, Co-Founder Peace of Mind Overtures – February 2018 

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Stacy Notley, BizEnergize Featured Presenters
Stacy Notley, Author, CEO The Manning Group

Stacy Notley, Author, Credit Management Specialist – January, 2018

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Jordan Dunnington - BizEnergize Featured Presenters
Jordan Dunnington, Social Media Manager for i5 Web Works

Jordan Dunnington, Social Media and Video Marketing – November, 2017

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Stu Schlackman, BizEnergize Featured Presenters
Stu Schlackman, Sales Coach, Speaker, Author

Stu Schlackman, Author, Sales Coach – October, 2017

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If you have a message of value to small business owners and business-building professionals and entrepreneurs, we’d love to hear it.  Please contact a member of the BizEnergize Power Team and send us your bio and overview of your presentation.

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