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Pastor Eugene Keahey – Sand Branch TX

BizEnergize Featured Presenter for February…

Pastor Eugene Keahey, Mt. Zion Church of Sand Branch, Texas!

Sand Branch, a local Dallas community we should all know!
BizEnergize Featured Presenter Pastor Eugene Keahey
Pastor Eugene Keahey, Mt. Zion Church of Sand Branch, TX

Announcing, February’s BizEnergize Featured Presenter, Pastor Eugene Keahey.  Learn about the unbelievable struggles in our own Sand Branch, Texas!

Where is Sand Branch, TX?

We’re proud to have the leader of Sand Branch as our BizEnergize featured presenter.  Sand Branch is a Dallas County community without clean drinking water or city services.  Forget about reliable internet connection.  Worse yet, it’s currently impossible to improve most of the residences, making living conditions absolute squalor.  As astounding as it is, the seventh wealthiest metropolitan statistical area has a colonia type community within its county.

Now, with the leadership of a brave and energetic pastor and community leader, with cooperation and efforts of neighbors working together, a multi-phase comprehensive community development plan is underway.   Learn about their struggle, journey and hope.  The story of Sand Branch is inspiring, yet they still need lots of help!

About Pastor Eugene Keahey of Mt. Zion Church

Eugene B. Keahey is an exciting, invigorating, licensed and ordained minister of the gospel and has been in full-time ministry for 10 years.  E. B. Keahey has a heart to see people enter into a deeper and fulfilled relationship with Jesus Christ. That is why E. B. Keahey believes that while the traditional method of preaching has proven to be beneficial to the older generation, Baby Busters and even the 30-somethings, you cannot reach this new generation with a brimstone gospel. This generation cannot accept an abstract approach to today’s issue. Therefore, E. B. Keahey makes the word of God relevant and applicable for today mainstream problems and concerns. This philosophy allows E. B. Keahey to minister and teach to this generation while moving freely under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. E. B. Keahey utilizes illustrated sermons that make God’s message applicable and pliable to this generation of believers. E. B. Keahey still teaches and preaches the unadulterated Word of God. He knows that GOD creates the environment that sets people free.

E. B. Keahey’s desire is to help the people of God activate, and stir up the gifts that will release their potential and their divine purpose. God, through E. B. Keahey has encountered many people at the point of your need and released them.

E. B. Keahey is married the stunning Deanna M. Wilson. Together, this loving and loyal team is the proud parents of Bradley, Lauryn, Darryn and Camryn Keahey

About E.B. Keahey Ministries

E.B. Keahey Ministries exists to nurture life’s transformation that through the Spirit people may manifest the reality of Jesus Christ. People today are dehydrated from water down religion-
thirsty for the one thing that Life cannot provide. Life cannot and will not offer sympathy. For that reason, E.B. Keahey Ministries exists to coordinate the gift of God’s Compassion, treasure it as devoted followers of Jesus Christ, and to dispense it to the community and around the world. This unique, independent ministry values amazing and reverent worship; encouraging, positive preaching from the Bible; a need-based ministries; community involvement where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared.

E.B. Keahey Ministries Mission: Our mission as a ministry is to impart God’s elegance, cultivate it and dispense it within the community and around the world.

Supporting Sand Branch Starts with Knowing It Exists!

Obviously, Sand Branch has a long journey.  Today, they need support.  Despite years of desperation, they are not looking for hand outs. Audaciously, they want a water bill!  They’re developing their community and have an amazing story to tell.  We’re proud and honored to have Pastor Keahey as February’s BizEnergize Featured Presenter!  He is an inspiration and true community leader.  We can all learn from him and this community!

Learn the story of Sand Branch.  Find out how we can all help.  Join us in February!

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